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    Snow and Ice Management Landscaping Supplies

Barkley Development prides itself with providing the highest quality landscape supplies in the area.  Unlike the other suppliers in the area we don't just sell a product.  We import, process, and transport our products all in house so that you, the customer will not only get a high quality product, but also a reasonably priced product also.  Our prices will NOT be beat!!!!!!

Our Screened Topsoil is exclusively and proudly being used at the new IUP Convocation Center project in Indiana, Pennsylvania.

Our Topsoil can be ordered as plain topsoil, or screened topsoil.  Our screened topsoil is blended with dairy compost to make it the BEST topsoil in ALL of Western Pennsylvania.
Dairy Compost is a compost made of cow manure and used animal bedding that has been cooked in a digester system, heating it and killing all the weed seeds leaving a excellent compost for gardening and soil conditioning  "Analysis is available"

We also offer Mobile Custom Mulch Processing, Coloring, and Mobile Custom Topsoil Screening and Blending.  Serving all of Pennsylvania, Ohio, and West Virginia.

We offer the following products from Barkley Development.
All of our products are available in bulk or bagged, pick-up or delivery for your convenience.

Playground Mulch for fall protection.
Bedding Mulch
Animal Bedding Products
Kiln Dried Shavings

Fill Dirt
Topsoil Reject
(The by product from screening (Stones, Roots, and Dirt))
Re-Claimed 2A
(Recycled 2A Limestone)
(PennDOT Approved and Non-PennDOT Approved)
Asphalt Millings
Sandstone Rock

Eastern Sea Shore Stone
Barn Red Limestone
Crushed Red Brick
Decorative Stone
River Rock
Lava Rock

(Tractor Trailer Loads Available)
(Tractor Trailer Loads Available)

Delivery is available, The following demonstrates each vehicle used, and how much each will transport.

If your unsure of how much product you need, please visit our Calculator page to get an estimate of how much you need.

Calculator Page

Single Axle Trucks
6 Yards
30 Yards
Tractor Trailer Dumps
60 Yards
Tractor Trailer Walking Floors
100 Yards
A Little about our Double Ground Mulches.

Hardwood Mulch:

We import, process, and age, in house one of the finest 100% pure bark mulches in the area.  We double grind and stock pile our mulch turning them on a daily basis to give the hardwood mulch that dark color that everyone loves.

 Hemlock Mulch:

We import, process, and age, in house one of the finest 100% pure bark mulches in the area.  We double grind and stock pile our mulch turning them on a daily basis to give the hemlock mulch that beautiful red tint that everyone loves.

Below are some samples of what we carry, feel free to click on each photo to view a larger version and view each one up close!

Double Ground Hemlock Mulch Double Ground Hardwood Mulch

Contact Us

Barkley Development
Emergency Contact:
PA Contractor Number: 
DOT Number:  1919133
PA Pesticide Number:
Bu 6153

Colored Mulches:

Environmentally Friendly

We process and color in house one of the finest colored mulch products available in the area. Our Red and Gold is made from 100% Recycled Wood Pallets so that its color can be adsorbed and last all season long. Our Brown and Black are made from 50% Recycled Pallets and 50% Organic Bark so its gives you that all season long color along with the added benefit of organic content.


A non-PennDOT approved limestone crushed and screened to standard specifications.  PennDOT approved limestone is available please inquire about pricing.


We import and process only the finest topsoil that the area has to offer.  We process our soils with an industry standard inch minus screen providing the ideal sizing for which gardeners and landscapers love. 

Mushroom Compost:

We import straight from the mushroom farms to our facilities so we provide you the customer with fresh, nutrient rich product.

Chocolate Brown Mulch
Vivid Red Mulch
Midnight Black Mulch
Gorgeous Gold Mulch
1B Limestone, PennDOT Approved, and Non-Approved Available
2B Limestone, PennDOT Approved, and Non-Approved Available
Screened Topsoil
Mushroom Compost

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